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Planning a wedding, especially for brides, can be a highly stressful time because there are so many things that need to be ready on time. You need to book a venue, find the perfect clothes, contact a catering service, hire a DJ, send the invites and ensure that everything runs smoothly. With all that’s going on, most people forget about booking the transportation. Getting a wedding car can make the day even more memorable, but the key is to hire the right company. Here are some helpful tips and answers to commonly asked questions about wedding cars:

What’s Size Wedding Car Should I Get?

The most important thing to consider when renting a bridal vehicle is the size. A vehicle that is way too small might not be capable of transporting the bride without causing her dress to wrinkle. As a result, it’s imperative to take the gown’s size into consideration when booking a car. Large, puffy princess gowns require more room, but if you’re wearing a skin-tight dress, you don’t have to worry too much about the car’s size.

When Should I Book the Car?

Like with any other service, it’s important to book the bridal vehicle early. Bridal vehicle rental companies get booked quickly, so you need to make the arrangements at least two months early. If you wait too much time to rent a car, you might not be able to get one in time.

How Long Should I Book the Car for?

Renting a bridal vehicle can be pricey, but it’s best to rent it for as long as possible so you can truly enjoy your wedding day without worrying about the rental time. Some people like to rent the car for three hours, which is enough time for the ceremony, yet it will give you less time to enjoy the reception. Overall, depending on the length of the ceremony and reception, it’s best to rent the car for four to five hours.

How Much Should I Pay?

The amount of money you pay for the rental car depends on each company. Companies with a reputable name will surely charge a lot more money than unknown ones. Additionally, the price depends on which type of vehicle you rent and how many you rent. The luxury vehicles will obviously be pricier. You can save money on the vehicle by looking for discounts or renting a less luxurious car. Additionally, just because a company isn’t well-known doesn’t mean they aren’t reliable.

Overall, renting a bridal vehicle will make your wedding day more memorable, and hopefully these tips were able to make the booking process a lot easier for you.

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