Classic Wedding Car Price Guide

A classic wedding limousine in Australia is a tremendous value. It’s a luxurious ride in a beautiful, polished car with many extras and a chauffeur driver who knows the area. Even classic limousines are stretched occasionally, making room for many party members. Like any limousine, classic limousines can accommodate one big party. In other words, it’s an fun, worry-free journey, starting at your home, going to the church and then on to the reception. How do you put a dollar value on such transportation?

Classic Limousine Prices

A vintage Jaguar, Bentley or Rolls Royce looks quite literally like a million dollar car, and it may well be. When renting classic cars that are handmade wonders, the price will run around $250 – $350 an hour. Most limousine services charge a three or four hour minimum. On the other hand, stock cars from the ’50s or ’60s are priced closer to the cost of a contemporary Town Car rental or about $75 an hour. If you want to go with a stretch version of a similar stock car, then the cost runs around $150 an hour.

Two Person Classic Car Limousine

Like most wedding limousine rentals, classic rentals of Bentleys, Rolls Royces and Jaguars come with a basic two passenger wedding package: transportation for the bride and groom. Clearly, you should inform your wedding photographer of the classic car rental because you do not rent such beautiful cars and not take advantage of the photo opportunity. Check with the limousine company and see if they have a photography package. Often, they can bundle wedding photography services with limousine services for less than you pay for the two services. When it comes to stretch limousines of ‘50 or ‘60 stock cars, the number of passengers often increases to six, or eight or even ten! With that many passengers, the price doubles. In most stretch limousines, you also pay extra for luxury features, champagne and any other amenities.

Extra Fees

You may also be charged hidden fees, like a gas surcharges or a general surcharges. Such surcharges can run from 10% to 20% apiece. There are also time overage charges. A basic package starts at three hours, so a Rolls Royce two-passenger package might run you $750 for a three hour stint, but what happens if you get out of your beautiful white carriage twenty minutes beyond the rental time? Are you read to pay for more time? Be sure that you ask pertinent questions about time frames, charges and fees the company usually charges to arrive at a final price. It’s important to check out reviews on any limousine service because it will be talked about. A wedding service often gets the benefit of the doubt, but if the charges in the end seem unfair, it will show up in Internet reviews.

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