Classic Holden Wedding Cars

For a truly classic Australian wedding, consider Australia’s signature car for your transportation. Hire a classic Holden car today for your big day and experience fantastic, classic transportation. A wedding with a timeless Holden car as wedding transportation is about as Australian as it can get.

Holden FJ, FC and FB

red holden fc

Holden’s vintage fifties and sixties sedans, wagons and panel wagons make the trip down the aisle as easily as they travel down memory lane. These cars had a commanding place in the market and they are still around, even though fifty years have passed. Hire completely restored, glimmering Holden FJ, FC and FB specials today for your wedding.

Coach Specialists

The Holden Company made coaches while developing the fully Australian car and developed a popular look that makes for compelling wedding transportation. You do not want to be stuck with a boring model limousine that may never make the grade. Hire a Holden, a car with a proven record of accomplishment. Fully restored, these cars are bright, luminous cars that will make your day wonderful.

Plenty of Leg Room

classic cream holden car

Holden cars and wagons seat anywhere from four to six passengers, including the driver, so a pair of Holdens will carry the entire wedding party. Hire Holdens to pick up the bride and groom and transport them to the church, and then provide transportation throughout the day until the reception starts. That kind of transportation takes an enormous burden off the happy couple. Use Holden cars to make the day truly memorable.

Ideal Wedding Transportation

blue holden wedding carAs basic transportation, Holden has always held its own against the competition. Holden vehicles will transport any member of your wedding party to and from the ceremony and to the reception, including wedding party members, favorite aunts and uncles, your parents or anybody else that merits a special ride. Let a classic Holden make your wedding a success.

Outfitted with fully restored upholstery, completely redone exteriors and offering chilled champagne coolers, Holden hires are an experience you’ll never forget. If you want an authentic Australian wedding, consider renting an authentic Australian car like a classic Holden today.

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